Friday, March 26, 2010

A Sneak Peek at What's Inside Savoring Moments: Interludes With Spirit

Sit quietly in a comfortable spot. Take a long deep breath and let it out slowly. Take another long deep breath and slowly let it all out... As you continue breathing deeply imagine God wrapping His arms around you, holding you and whispering the words "I love you, you are so very special to me." Think about how it feels to hear these words. Notice how your body feels having heard these words.. Feel the love and warmth that comes with these words. Notice how wonderful it feels to be held in His arms. Continue to experience this feeling until you can feel the love spilling over you. As the feeling pours over you, thank Him for His words of love; and thank Him for the wonderful feeling of love you felt as He held you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


What comes to mind when you think of your Creator (Mother/Father God, Allah, Source Energy, etc)?

Do you connect with your Creator as often as you do your fiends and loved ones?

Is your Creator your friend?

Friday, February 26, 2010

How Savoring Moments: Interludes With Spirit came to be

· Have you ever felt like God just didn’t care about you?

· Are you going through some challenging personal experiences and wish you felt God was right there with you?

· Do you ever wish you had a more intimate friendship with God?

· Are you searching for additional ways to connect with God?

If you said yes to any of these questions, please, read on…

When I first started seeking out Spirit, I know I said yes to All of these questions. And sometimes when it seems as though life is handing me too big a bowl of lemons, I still do. It’s in times like those that I pull out all my ‘tools’ in my ‘toolbox’ to see which ‘means’ will help me regain focus and feel God’s support.

Several years ago though, during the development of my friendship with God, I recall wondering why while growing up I had never learned how to form my own personal relationship with God. And it was a good question. I was raised in a protestant church going, God loving family, so how had I missed the lessons on forming a relationship with God? Oh yeah, sure, I had gone through all the traditional motions and utilized the traditional methods that had been conveyed and impressed on me and even gone as far as to try to put my personal touch on a few of them. And yet, I always seemed to come up just a little short. It seemed the more I tried to make it work, the worse it got. My commitment to my friendship with God waned and I just finally said phooey on it all. And went my own way.

As I searched my soul for the answer as to how this happened, I noticed my thoughts kept coming back to this, ‘the relationships, and methods I saw didn’t resonate with me.’ Wow! That was Huge for me because up until that point I had really thought that out there, somewhere, was a spiritual format designed to fit my needs. To realize now that I had to forge my own way… well quite honestly, it almost seemed too daunting of a task.

Thankfully God didn’t just leave me hanging out on the limb. Nope, He stepped right up and flooded me with resources from which I promptly began gleaning just the right mix for me.

As I harvest what worked for me, I began connecting with Spirit in various ways. Throughout this time I found certain types of visualizations deeply nurtured my soul. So much so in fact that I was eagerly anticipating my next rendezvous with Spirit. To my sheer delight each of the experiences compounded upon one another and transformed my relationship with my Creator from one of trepidation into a beautiful friendship.

Relishing my friendship with God I thought, ‘what an amazing God we have and how effortless it is to bond with Him.’ Weeks of interludes turned into months until my awareness of my connection with my Creator became evident in the form of joy, love and new personal empowerment.

Then, just as I was feeling I could take on the world, my sister became ill. She had a history of a beautiful and strong relationship with God, one that I admired. However while her faith in God never waivered during her illness, there were times that her illness seemed too heavy for her to endure. It was here, in an effort to lift her spirits and hopefully provide her with additional ways of feeling God’s support and benevolent LOVE, that I assembled my first set of visualizations with Spirit as a gift to her.

This gifting brought about more sharing’s until… Viola ~ Savoring Moments: Interludes With Spirit was born. And it has evolved into a brilliant collaboration of love with my dear sister-in-law, Sylvia Valentine-Henrichsen, who’s exceptional eye for nature photography brings an elevated sense of Spirit to the book.